City Impact Roundtable
Conference, August 2,

Pastors, marketplace
ministers and everyone
with a city-sized and
kingdom-centered vision
from cities across Texas
are meeting in Austin to
pray and discuss together
how “the whole Church
can work together in
showing and telling the
whole Gospel to the
whole City and beyond.

Date: Saturday,  August ,
2, 2008

Venue: 4004 Burch Drive,
Del Valle
(About  2 miles from ABIA)
8863 Anderson Mill Road #117, Austin, TX 78729. Map/Direction

Our Mission
►►Our mission is to be
a bridge builder among
different expressions
(flavors) of the body of
Christ for God's kingdom
in the earth. We build
kingdom collaborations
for city, regional & national
awakening and
transforming revival.
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Conference on
Austin Area
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Saturday, November 5, 2011 3:00 PM  
bridge for diverse city-
impacting  flavors for
united prayer towards
regional transforming
Citywide Prayer
Elders' Forum: .
Austin Arise! Awakening
City Impact Roundtable.
Project 1000 Blessing!
ABB Advisory Board
Global Prayer Alerts!

“Communication/Connecting” is our key aim. Collaboration is our target. Our vision is
to work with brothers and sisters in Christ to reach and impact our whole city. Our
process is PRAY, CARE, SHARE   model. The lubricant/fuel is love. The driver is the
Holy Spirit. The big picture is the city-Church; the bigger picture is the kingdom of God
in our cities.
CIR 2004
CIR 2004

Welcome! Simply, Apostolic Bridge Builders,
based in Austin, Texas, USA is a bridge for
Communication, Connection, and
Collaboration towards city, regional and
national transforming revival. Gospel of the

Welcome to Apostolic Bridge Builders online!
We are joining to win the Second Billion...
Welcome to the Gospel of the kingdom! Apostolic Bridge Builders is a bridge for Communication,
Connection, and Collaboration towards city, regional and national transforming revival. We used to
be in the church age that just ended and gave way for the gospel of the kingdom ...

It takes the whole expressions of Christ to reach the whole city and nation! We all need each
other! A new wineskin of God is emerging in different cities around the world. Our generation is
juxtaposing the cusp of a major spiritual awakening. God is interested in cities and nations!
city church is here!
The kingdom church is here! Denominational, racial and theological/doctrinal
walls are slipping into oblivion. Christ-centered unity is on the rise. Now, there is real
reconciliations, presence  and compassion evangelism, an strategic spiritual warfares over our
cities and nation . Like "never before" Prayer, intercession and praise. We are for communication
Connection, and Collaborations
.  We stand for genuine relationships and partnerships. ABB is

The Church is currently undergoing one of the greatest reformations in history as God is Literally
transforming the DNA of everything.  Today, God is transfiguring the spiritual climates of cities and
nations. We are in a post-denomination era of the Church. This may sound scary to some of us
who are denominational connoisseur. City Churches: cutting edge compassionate
churches/ministries, with kingdom-size vision of global evangelism are emerging into the scene.

Apostolic Bridge Builders (ABB) is a new wineskin-, city-, reaching-organism and a bridge that
brings different expressions of Christ: old, new, extremes, new wineskins and old wineskins
together at the center of what God is doing now. This bridge is for spiritual awakening and
end-time harvest of souls. Sine 20000 we have worked through praying, networking diverse
people, especially leaders, to the table, for a genuine Christ-centered, kingdom-driven fellowship
and relationship that lead towards transforming revival.

Let's talk less about prayer and pray more! ...and go into the world and make disciples of all men....

Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, And the ends of the earth for Your
possession (Psalm 2:8).
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Check out the march towards
1,000,000 authentic Leaders and
Thinkers. For more, visit
Emerging great Leaders & Thinkers
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Gender Reconciliation: Unveiled & Empowered Women's conference in Austin
God told 120 apostolic and prophetic leaders in a fasting and prayer gathering, October
2008 that there will be revival in Austin, but women must be released first...Hence, the
Nov. 11 & 12 Gender Reconciliation, gathering about 1000 men and women from all
races in Austin area. Be part of this!

DATES: Friday, Nov. 11, 7PM, Sat. Nov. 12, 9:30 AM
VENUE...Igleshia El Shadai,, 7650 Ed Bluestein Blvd. Austin, TX 78723

Incredible speakers and presenters, including International motivation speaker,
successful business woman, radio host, author and publisher, Kandee G, from Florida--
Homeless at 17, abandoned with a child and peanut butter at 19; from peanut butter to
private jet and Fortune 500 executive coach, and daughter of a missionary; Austinite
pastors and women leaders:
Barbara Bucklin does not need introduction. She is an elder, a pillar of Austin church; http:
Lucy Bona Caldwell, a minister, came here a few years ago as a refugee and could not
speak a word in English. Today, a kingdom entrepreneur, employer of labor, and a
leader of women,
Pastor Ruth Chen is the co-pastor of Travis Christian Assembly (Austin Chinese
churches), former China underground church planter and pastor and wife of Dr. Ray
Chen; 新約查經計畫 Travis Christian Assembly (A Chinese Christian Church in Austin);

More, visit
Bishop Simon will be in Austin, TX Dec. 2-
The presiding bishop of UK World Evangelism Church
An apostolic evangelist with a strong prophetic anointing in
his life and ministry.
Ministered to crowd of 50k+ in one meeting
He hosts a daily television program that reaches 80+ nations
in Europe and Africa
He is the International moderator of UK World Evangelism
Churches and Ministerial Council—a uniting body for
churches and ministries around the world
Chairman of Ethnic Minority Christian Affairs in England (an
advisory group to government and churches)
Host a monthly miracle power conference titled Spiritual
Awakening in London that attracts people from all over
Europe into London.
He is the President of Adullam’s Cave Leadership Training
College, London
He has experienced unusual miracles in his meetings
A recorded gospel artist

December 31 Prophetic Night at New
Apostolic Bridge Builders, Inc.