...different expressions of Christ
Power Shift Gathering in San Antonio, Texas
Gathering of Saints and Sinners
: Friday , October 31 and Saturday 1, 2008
Time: Friday 7:00PM, Saturday: 600PM
Location: All Nations Church , 4218 Thousand Oaks Dr, San Antonio, TX 78217

As we continue to move from the Gutenberg world to the Google world, Dr. Albert of the Anglican Church, India,
points toward seven strategic shifts for Christians pastors in particular and ministers in general to ponder:

Shift 1: A Power Shift from Self to God

Shift 2: A Priority Shift from
inreach to outreach

Shift 3: A Program Shift from events to relationships

Shift 4: A People Shift from ministers to

Shift 5: A Provision Shift from consumers to contributors

Shift 6: A Perspective Shift from a church mentality to a Kingdom mentality

Shift 7: A Process Shift from the older to the younger
Registration: Free
Childcare: If you bring 'em, caught 'em
Phone: 512-538-4544

Whenever God wants to talk to his people, he sends His servants to warn them. If they refused to obey, He
touches their economy, like the current financial upheaval. If they still do not get it, He touches their
ecology-Katrina, Gustav, Ike, uncontrollable wildfire, train rakes, etc. If they still do not get it, He sends another
nation to overrun them-9-11 was like another nation using our car to run over us. The church must shift!
You are invited to a very special new wine gathering in San Antonio for saints and sinners. God's shift towards
transforming revival. Unlearning our religious "junks" through the simplicity and power of God's word. Eleventh
hour gathering. For those who are sick and tired of church as usual. Different expressions of Christ ministering.
Servants of God, tested and proved, used internationally:
Dr.  Richard Eberiga,  Robert Vidaurri, Henry Becerra, C.
Benjamin Anyacho & others.

Apostle Robert Ortega Vidaurri
Mission Netcast, Austin, TX
Missionary, evangelist, teacher and
church planter
Pastor Henry Becerra
World Harvest Church Ministerial
Fellowship, San Antonio, TX
Prophet, pastor and motivational speaker  
Pastor C. Benjamin Anyacho
Pastor, New Wine Gathering--new
wineskin church of Austin, TX
Missionary, teacher,
church planter and apostolic leader.
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Friday October
 24, 2008 5:20PM    
# Religion to relationship
# "Present" to presence
# Complexity to simplicity
# Sickness to healing
# Surface-level Christianity to deeper life in Christ
# Program to prayer
# Prison to praise
# Region of lower concentration to the region of a
higher concentration
# Inside the box to outside-the-box-thinking
# Personality centeredness to God's Kingdom
# "My church" to the city-church
# Church age to Kingdom age
Dr. Richard Eberiga
Richard Eberiga Ministries and
Christian Fortress International
San Antonio, TX
, teacher, church planter and
apostolic leader